Lose weight with (Green) Smoothies? 4 Benefits plus Tasty Recipes

We all want that tight belly and that beautiful figure. To achieve this, you can of course do a lot of things, of which daily exercise is one. Sport is essential for a healthy body. But of course it all starts with the right food. Even if you eat healthily, this does not mean that you will lose weight, these green superfood powder drinks are good for your nutrition and health.


green smothies

What can you do then?

Eating less does not automatically lead to less weight

Fat is surplus and superfluous energy that has been stored and has yet to be burned. Little food and a lot of exercise does not cause you to lose weight. Perhaps in the short term, but once you maintain it for a longer period of time, it will result in a constant feeling of hunger. This ultimately leads to “binge eating”, in which you will eat everything you can find, usually fatty things and / or with a lot of sugars. Certainly not the best way to get a flat stomach .

In addition to feeling hungry, your body also receives the signal that it needs to store extra energy. Your body will be more economical with the nutrients it does get. You will therefore develop more body fats and burn less. This in turn can lead to listlessness, so that you have less desire to exercise and more desire to eat. So you end up in a vicious circle with which you achieve the opposite of what you actually want.

It is therefore important that you continue to eat enough. And preferably not in large quantities. It is better to eat small amounts of food spread throughout the day, keeping your digestive system going and not getting your stomach used to large amounts of food at the same time.

Lose weight with Smoothies


Smoothies are very suitable for losing weight, because you have control over the ingredients. They are perfect for combining low-calorie products with nutritious products. The best thing about this is that they ensure that you keep feeling full for a long time.

If you combine the right ingredients, you can make smoothies that taste great and also make you lose weight. They are very suitable as a supplement to your breakfast and as a snack. Instead of drinking a glass of soda and eating crisps or a cake, you now take something healthy that is also delicious! Below you can read the five biggest benefits that smoothie drinking brings.

1. They are very healthy

You simply get a lot of the vitamins needed when drinking fresh smoothies. This makes them a good addition to your normal diet. The vitamins ensure that your health improves and that you feel better. After all, it’s better to eat more fruit and vegetables than less. People who eat more fruit and vegetables are generally a lot healthier and therefore feel better.

Most people do not eat enough fruit and vegetables, they do not achieve the recommended amount per day. For this reason quite a lot of people find their way to smoothies. They usually opt for jars and cans of concentrated and pureed fruit, because this is cheap and easy. It is of course better to use just fresh fruit. Even if you do not like fruit and / or vegetables, smoothies can also offer a solution.

2. They are varied

You can make it as crazy or as simple as you want. You can make a green smoothie with only vegetables, or a very sweet one with strawberries, or an acid with berries. You can combine the craziest things together and try everything out. And it always stays healthy – as long as you don’t add any sugar. All variations are possible, as long as you do it in the blender or juicer.

3. They are easy to make

If you make it crazy, all you have to do is throw it together in the blender or juice extractor. Well, okay, maybe not quite. It depends on what kind of centrifuge you have. In some blenders you can just throw an entire apple and then he will take the seeds out, but in others you will have to remove the usable parts yourself. Yet it remains a task what a child can do in principle

4. They are nutritious

A good smoothie contains many nutrients and vitamins. That is why they will satisfy your hunger feeling for a very long time, which will make you less likely to grab unhealthy snacks. Moreover, we can immediately go back to the part that they are healthy. Anyway; they will fill your stomach without containing a lot of calories.

Moreover, they also contain a lot of moisture and this is essential if you are trying to lose weight. The water gives you a full feeling without anything else in it. And most people do not drink enough anyway, so that is also supplemented by drinking smoothies.

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