5 Quick Tips on How to Gain Muscle Mass

5 Quick Tips on How to Gain Muscle Mass

If you want to take that old promise of gaining muscle mass from goals that are never achieved, this article is the best you’ll find!

1- First, focus on volume and multiarticular exercises

Let’s imagine that you are finishing a first month of training now, late January.

Well, if you trained minimally well, you have already recovered much of your conditioning, right? The time has come to give the foundation you need for better results.

So this is the time to improve your strength and motor skills.

For this, bet on at least 1 month where your focus will be to have a voluminous workout, with at least 15 to 20 sets per workout, with a focus on multiarticular exercises.

– But Sandro, are the “isolated” out?

Not! They will be used later. This is a moment of gaining conditioning.

2- Have a training periodization

Just like in our lives when we want to achieve a goal, whether at work, studies, travel, in short, in any circumstance, to be successful it is necessary to set goals for each period and progress slowly until reaching the goal. And bodybuilding is no different!

Going to the gym to always do those basic training divisions and even if there are monthly changes, the chance of getting results after a while is very small.

3- Get good eating habits (you need calories)

One of the great difficulties of people who have problems gaining muscle mass, is precisely the diet. But without adequate caloric intake, it is impossible to increase your body’s lean mass.

Therefore, focus on developing the habit of eating more, with foods that have a good quality of nutrients.

4- Train more times a week

Unless you already train at least 5 times a week , on a really regular basis, this is a fundamental tip.

More training volume, will bring better results. Especially if you haven’t achieved a legal result so far.

But remember that training more requires more energy, more regeneration and a more aligned routine.

5- Variation of stimuli is fundamental

The ideal for gaining muscle mass is to vary the stimuli, to constantly promote adaptation.

Modifying load, cadence, volume and many other variables is a way to improve your training results.

Realize the following: it is possible to vary the stimuli intelligently, without inventions!

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