Choosing the Best Diet Plan – An Overview 2022

Choosing the best diet plan is a mammoth task for most people. There are so many available in the market that the task of selecting the right one is difficult. Dieting does not mean the one-size-fits-all endeavor. Different people have different nutritional requirements. People who follow similar weight loss regime should customize their plan to meet their requirements. For instance, nursing women have different caloric requirements than others who are not nursing.

Choosing the Best Diet Plan – An Overview 2022

Best Diet Plan

For choosing the best diet plan, you can go for a physical checkup to a health care provider. The health care professional will advise you to visit a dietitian. According to your caloric and nutritional requirements, the dietitian will work out the perfect diet plan for you.

If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes or you have high cholesterol then the dietitian will design an appropriate diet plan for you. You should always keep one thing in mind that the diet plan which works for a particular person might not work for you. In addition, fad diets which tell you to avoid specific food groups and promise quick and easy weight loss are not always good. Unless your doctor recommends you to avoid certain foods, you should eat those foods that you take pleasure in.

However, you should make sure that you take lots of nutritious foods like vegetables, healthy fruits, low fat dairy, lean protein, and whole grains to combat any form of nutritional deficiency in the body.

When selecting the best dieting plan, you should ensure that it satisfies the following conditions:

Is the diet plan recommended by the other dieters? You should try to select something that has already worked for thousands of other dieters. However, you should not confuse effectiveness with popularity. For instance, regardless of the huge popularity of Atkins Diet, the 2022, Consumer Reports put Atkins Diet in the last position among all the diet plans which they evaluated. Therefore, it is advised to go for the diet plan which has been effective for others. You should keep away from the diet plans which receive all the media hype and attention.

It should provide you with all-natural solution. There are many potions and pills which are manufactured by the drug companies. But how can you know which one of them is safe to consume? For instance, fen-phen is a drug which was initially approved by the FDA. But later, FDA issued warnings and recommended people not to consume it because Mayo Clinic reported that the drug was responsible for causing diseases associated with the heart valves. Since it is not known to us that which drug is causing harm to us, it is safe to use a drug-free, all-natural diet plan.

The diet plan should not require severe reductions in your caloric intake. Reducing the caloric intake to about 800 calories each day will certainly help you to lose weight, but it could be significantly unhealthy for the body if you continue to do so over prolonged periods. You should always try to follow the diet plan which allows you to consume natural and healthy food.

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5 Quick Tips on How to Gain Muscle Mass

5 Quick Tips on How to Gain Muscle Mass

If you want to take that old promise of gaining muscle mass from goals that are never achieved, this article is the best you’ll find!

1- First, focus on volume and multiarticular exercises

Let’s imagine that you are finishing a first month of training now, late January.

Well, if you trained minimally well, you have already recovered much of your conditioning, right? The time has come to give the foundation you need for better results.

So this is the time to improve your strength and motor skills.

For this, bet on at least 1 month where your focus will be to have a voluminous workout, with at least 15 to 20 sets per workout, with a focus on multiarticular exercises.

– But Sandro, are the “isolated” out?

Not! They will be used later. This is a moment of gaining conditioning.

2- Have a training periodization

Just like in our lives when we want to achieve a goal, whether at work, studies, travel, in short, in any circumstance, to be successful it is necessary to set goals for each period and progress slowly until reaching the goal. And bodybuilding is no different!

Going to the gym to always do those basic training divisions and even if there are monthly changes, the chance of getting results after a while is very small.

3- Get good eating habits (you need calories)

One of the great difficulties of people who have problems gaining muscle mass, is precisely the diet. But without adequate caloric intake, it is impossible to increase your body’s lean mass.

Therefore, focus on developing the habit of eating more, with foods that have a good quality of nutrients.

4- Train more times a week

Unless you already train at least 5 times a week , on a really regular basis, this is a fundamental tip.

More training volume, will bring better results. Especially if you haven’t achieved a legal result so far.

But remember that training more requires more energy, more regeneration and a more aligned routine.

5- Variation of stimuli is fundamental

The ideal for gaining muscle mass is to vary the stimuli, to constantly promote adaptation.

Modifying load, cadence, volume and many other variables is a way to improve your training results.

Realize the following: it is possible to vary the stimuli intelligently, without inventions!

9 Natural Hair Loss Products

Is your hair falling out? Hydration, hair nutrition and daily care with natural hair loss products can save your hair!

In today’s article, we will tell you step by step how to assess the problem and, above all, what are the best oils and natural ingredients to fight hair loss at home.

In addition, these products can help you build a treatment and fortification routine for your hair and, at the same time, serve as aromatherapy. Body relaxation are also included in the package!

First step: discover the cause of hair loss

9 Natural Hair Loss Products

First, before using natural hair loss products, you need to discover the root of the problem! It is essential that the causes of the fall are investigated by medical professionals.

This is because many factors can influence the health of your hair: hormonal cycles, stress levels, genetic diseases, among other factors.

Therefore, the first two steps are simple, but fundamental!

Here’s what to do to prevent hair loss:


1.Seek a doctor to investigate the causes of hair loss

First of all, home treatment should be accompanied by medical advice from the health plan , for better investigation.

2. Eat well!
After all, balanced nutrition with good levels of ferritin will strengthen your scalp.

That is, to start treating the problem, include foods with high iron levels. Some examples are fish, beets, egg yolks, cereals, legumes and oil seeds.

Foods with (or supplement) vitamins A, B, C, D and E and protein will also contribute to hair health.

3. Get prevention habits at home:
Take care of the health and cleaning of the wires! When bathing, avoid using hot water and sulfate shampoos when washing your hair;

Avoid artificial processes. In other words, it is important not to destroy the hair with excess chemicals because they weaken the scalp root. Dryers and flat irons, due to high temperatures, are also harmful.

The 10 best natural hair loss products

Did you know? Natural hair loss products can be used for a number of benefits. They help in all parts of the process, whether in containing the fall, in strengthening and growing the threads.

  • Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera)
  • Green tea
  • Greek hay
  • Mulberry cream
  • Avocado
  • Essential oils of coconut, almonds, sage and rosemary with mint
  • Egg
  • Garlic juice
  • Basil

Healthy Eating, Healthy Brain

Fatty acids, vitamins and minerals – Our brain uses no less than 20 percent of our energy. Specific nutrients are necessary for proper brain development and functioning. By eating the right thing you keep your brain in top condition.


Much research is being conducted into the effect of specific foods on the brain. Not every connection is equally clear, in some cases there are only indications and with many foods the direct effect on the brain is still unknown.

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Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are indispensable for the structure and functioning of the brain. Especially the unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are important. The fatty acids are part of the walls of cells and ensure that cells transmit signal to each other. A deficiency therefore leads to poorer communication between brain cells, resulting in less concentration and forgetfulness. There are even indications that too little omega-3 fatty acids are associated with conditions such as depression, ADHD, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Zinc, iodine and iron play a role in the development and functioning of the brain. Especially during growth, a shortage of one of these minerals can lead to disturbances. As a result, a child develops less well.

Iodine is added to bread and sometimes to table salt. It is naturally present in fish and (a little) in eggs. Iron is found in meat, fish, grains, potatoes, legumes and beans. Zinc is found in meat, cheese, grains, bread, nuts, shrimp and mussels.


Some foods have no beneficial effect on the brain at all. Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes make many people feel good, but they are also addictive and can be harmful to the brain. Especially when the brain is still developing. Smoking and drugs often have a negative effect on concentration. Soft drugs can also reduce short-term memory and logical thinking. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to unconsciousness and destruction of brain cells. In addition, alcohol has a negative effect on sleep patterns.


The effect of caffeine in coffee , tea and cola, among other things , is twofold. Research shows that men who drank three cups of coffee a day had less cognition decline. More coffee does not increase this effect. Too much coffee can even be harmful. There is evidence of a link between coffee and migraines.


In many cases, extra intake of fatty acids, vitamins or minerals to improve cognition makes little difference. Long-term high doses can even have a negative effect on health. A balanced diet is generally sufficient to get these nutrients. The Mediterranean diet is a good example of a healthy diet, including for the brain. Varied food is also recommended.

Lose weight with (Green) Smoothies? 4 Benefits plus Tasty Recipes

We all want that tight belly and that beautiful figure. To achieve this, you can of course do a lot of things, of which daily exercise is one. Sport is essential for a healthy body. But of course it all starts with the right food. Even if you eat healthily, this does not mean that you will lose weight, these green superfood powder drinks are good for your nutrition and health.


green smothies

What can you do then?

Eating less does not automatically lead to less weight

Fat is surplus and superfluous energy that has been stored and has yet to be burned. Little food and a lot of exercise does not cause you to lose weight. Perhaps in the short term, but once you maintain it for a longer period of time, it will result in a constant feeling of hunger. This ultimately leads to “binge eating”, in which you will eat everything you can find, usually fatty things and / or with a lot of sugars. Certainly not the best way to get a flat stomach .

In addition to feeling hungry, your body also receives the signal that it needs to store extra energy. Your body will be more economical with the nutrients it does get. You will therefore develop more body fats and burn less. This in turn can lead to listlessness, so that you have less desire to exercise and more desire to eat. So you end up in a vicious circle with which you achieve the opposite of what you actually want.

It is therefore important that you continue to eat enough. And preferably not in large quantities. It is better to eat small amounts of food spread throughout the day, keeping your digestive system going and not getting your stomach used to large amounts of food at the same time.

Lose weight with Smoothies


Smoothies are very suitable for losing weight, because you have control over the ingredients. They are perfect for combining low-calorie products with nutritious products. The best thing about this is that they ensure that you keep feeling full for a long time.

If you combine the right ingredients, you can make smoothies that taste great and also make you lose weight. They are very suitable as a supplement to your breakfast and as a snack. Instead of drinking a glass of soda and eating crisps or a cake, you now take something healthy that is also delicious! Below you can read the five biggest benefits that smoothie drinking brings.

1. They are very healthy

You simply get a lot of the vitamins needed when drinking fresh smoothies. This makes them a good addition to your normal diet. The vitamins ensure that your health improves and that you feel better. After all, it’s better to eat more fruit and vegetables than less. People who eat more fruit and vegetables are generally a lot healthier and therefore feel better.

Most people do not eat enough fruit and vegetables, they do not achieve the recommended amount per day. For this reason quite a lot of people find their way to smoothies. They usually opt for jars and cans of concentrated and pureed fruit, because this is cheap and easy. It is of course better to use just fresh fruit. Even if you do not like fruit and / or vegetables, smoothies can also offer a solution.

2. They are varied

You can make it as crazy or as simple as you want. You can make a green smoothie with only vegetables, or a very sweet one with strawberries, or an acid with berries. You can combine the craziest things together and try everything out. And it always stays healthy – as long as you don’t add any sugar. All variations are possible, as long as you do it in the blender or juicer.

3. They are easy to make

If you make it crazy, all you have to do is throw it together in the blender or juice extractor. Well, okay, maybe not quite. It depends on what kind of centrifuge you have. In some blenders you can just throw an entire apple and then he will take the seeds out, but in others you will have to remove the usable parts yourself. Yet it remains a task what a child can do in principle

4. They are nutritious

A good smoothie contains many nutrients and vitamins. That is why they will satisfy your hunger feeling for a very long time, which will make you less likely to grab unhealthy snacks. Moreover, we can immediately go back to the part that they are healthy. Anyway; they will fill your stomach without containing a lot of calories.

Moreover, they also contain a lot of moisture and this is essential if you are trying to lose weight. The water gives you a full feeling without anything else in it. And most people do not drink enough anyway, so that is also supplemented by drinking smoothies.

What is the Correct order of Weight Training Exercises?

What is the Correct order of Weight Training Exercises?

When setting up a workout for the gym, you need to take some factors into account and the order of the exercises is one of them. Depending on which exercise comes next to the other, you will be able to work the muscle group with greater intensity. Other points such as load quantity, rest time between sets and type of training should also be taken into account.

To set up this exercise guide, the specificity of each organism must be taken into account, and especially if the individual is a beginner or not. Whoever is starting training now must invest in quantity and quality of training. Exercises that lead to exhaustion are not recommended for beginners.

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Methods used in the Resistance Training Technique

There are basically 3 types of methods that can be used to perform good exercise sequences and this will depend on the adaptation of each one. Thus, we can choose between alternating agonist and antagonist exercises (biceps and triceps ), between lower and lower limbs, or performing a sequence for the same muscle group: leg press and then squat.

Another type of training that can be used to ensure greater hypertrophy is Pyramid Training. Whether in the light-heavy or light-heavy order, it follows a sequence of movements that activates the same muscle group, with different intensities. To improve training, it is also necessary to do a good order of exercises, for example, using devices that activate the main and accessory muscles of a given movement.

One form of exercise that is becoming quite common in gyms is alternate training. Both for aerobic and hypertrophy exercises. For example, alternating hamstring exercises with biceps workouts is a way of doing alternate exercises, gaining muscle mass and consuming more energy, thereby reducing body fat.

The Sequence Chosen by Science

The technique most used lately and most seen as ideal by scientific research follows the following sequence: first the multiarticular movements and then the monoarticular movements. That is, first the training of large groups will be done as the squat and then that of small groups as the extension chair .

But what is the justification for this choice? The logic is simple. If we started with small groups, it would be impossible to get a big load in the exercises of large groups. The main muscles for the execution of a certain movement would already be fatigued and thus, it would not be possible to take advantage of the large amount of muscles to move more loads and gain more hypertrophy.

There is also the opposite side to this method. They are adept at using their muscles in isolation first for training and only afterwards for large groups. The logic of this sequence would come from the pre-exhaustion of the main muscle and thus, a new load of greater weight imposed on it would lead to additional fatigue. This, in turn, would cause the muscle to gain greater hypertrophy and more quickly.

Studies Carried Out

Some researchers decided to test the theory and see which works best in practice. They did comparative studies with groups of men who already had a certain amount of activity in gyms. They ended up realizing that pre-exhaustion training is not very effective in muscle activation. Electromyography showed that the main muscle was no longer responding to stimulus loads like other muscles. In addition, the number of repetitions in the series was significantly reduced.

To complete

It is clear that each has a specific biotype and so the methods used for each person are not the same for everyone. Although some people achieve greater and better results in pre-exhaustion training, the exercises that can generate good effects for the majority of the population are those that follow the sequence of multiarticulars for monoarticulars.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight? 15 Possible Causes!

Why don’t I lose weight? ‘It is perhaps the most frequently asked question we receive in our inbox. Despite all your effort in the gym and kitchen you don’t seem to lose weight. You feel that you are doing everything right, but the weight on the scales is not going down. In this Phen375 Review, we’re going to take a look at just how effective it is.

Do you also eat healthy, but do not lose weight? Then there can be all kinds of reasons for that. Maybe your diet is not that good, maybe something goes wrong somewhere else. Today we list 15 possible causes. Hopefully it helps you to find and solve the problem!

Why am I not losing weight?

The short answer to the question “Why don’t I lose weight?” Is actually very simple: you have no calorie deficit . Either you eat more calories than you think, or you burn fewer calories than you think, or it is a combination of both. Your body therefore receives no incentive to use up the reserve of your body fat.

Now this can be a frustrating message if you do your utmost to create a calorie deficit. There are a lot of factors that can cause that to fail! We list the most important 15 below.

Losing weight doesn’t work: 15 reasons

1. You don’t keep track of your food

Many people think that they eat better than they actually do. If you do not note what you get, it is easy to forget those few cookies, that glass of wine and that handful of chips in between. Nevertheless, those calories quickly add up considerably.

Of course you don’t have to write down every bite you eat for the rest of your life. But keep a very accurate record of what you put in your mouth for a week – even the little bits in between. Good chance that you will end up higher than you expected!

2. You smuggle too much

Related to this is problem 2: smuggling. Even if you keep track of your food, you can get an unrealistic picture of your calorie intake if you give yourself too much smuggling. As soon as you don’t write things down ‘because it is very little anyway’, you are on the wrong track.

Experience shows that those kinds of excuses are getting bigger for yourself. And in this way you eventually ‘forget’ to record hundreds of calories again. Be honest with yourself and try not to make your diet more beautiful than it actually is!

3. You plan too many cheat moments

A cheat day on its time is fine, and often good for progress. After all, it helps you stay motivated for the rest of the time. But that is of course on the condition that you are not too often cheating.

Some people give themselves more and more free, with the result that they end up not paying attention to their food half the time. If that half of the time contains a lot of pizza and snacks , you will soon completely eliminate the calorie deficit of the other half!

4. You believe the labels

A common complaint is: “Why don’t I lose weight if I only eat healthy products ?” That vegetables and fruits , natural proteins , complex carbohydrates and healthy fats ? Or do you actually eat everything that says on the packaging that it is healthy?

If the latter is the case, you will first have to change your definition of ‘healthy’. A handy rule of thumb: the larger it is on the packaging that something is healthy, the harder that often disappoints. In fact, a large proportion of the really healthy foods have no packaging at all.

5. You eat healthy, but too much

Even if you do choose really healthy products, that does not guarantee weight loss . Although it is easier to create a calorie deficit with a healthy diet , it does not have to succeed immediately.

Go after it. Avocado ‘s healthy? Hop, you eat one every day. Do you live longer on nuts? Soon, a good hand of walnuts in your smoothie . And linseed stimulates your metabolism ? Well, that can also be a scoop of your salad.

The problem? Many of these undeniably healthy foods are high in calories. And losing weight is really about the balance between what you eat and what you consume! So definitely eat healthy, but do not eat so many healthy foods that you are left with a calorie surplus.

6. You drink calories

Many people forget to include their drinks in their daily energy balance . How much difference can the pair of glasses of fruit juice make, after all? Well – about a hundred calories per glass. With a calorie deficit of around 300 calories, that’s quite a bit …

By the way, it is healthier anyway to leave fruit juice. It contains a lot of sugars , while it has practically no fiber in it – a bad combination. Choose water , tea or coffee instead .

7. You choose light and fat-free

Eating light – with less fat or calories – seems ideal if you want to lose weight. Yet in practice it appears that people who use light products rarely lose more weight. It appears to be much more effective to adopt a generally healthy diet, with unprocessed, healthy food.

How is that possible? One of the reasons is that light foods are very poorly saturated. It is precisely those fats that give a fuller feeling. Artificial sweeteners are also often added, which also increase the appetite. In this way, light products can ensure that you eat more – not what you want.

8. You eat too fast and with little attention

Do you really eat healthy, and still not lose weight? Then it may also have to do with the way you eat. If you slide something in without attention, your food will saturate a lot less. That too can lead to unnecessary snacking later in the day.

By not eating in front of the TV, you make it much easier for yourself to eat less ! Sit down for a moment, and preferably with the whole family. Chew well and watch what you taste. So you will have a lot less binge eating and hunger .

9. You drink too little

The importance of sufficient moisture is often forgotten. Water not only keeps you hydrated, it seems that people eat less if they have drunk a glass of water before a meal. A final advantage is that your body sometimes thirst interprets hunger. By drinking more, you prevent a certain kind of binge eating!

If you don’t like water, you can also opt for tea and some coffee. They also each have their own health benefits. Light soft drinks, fruit juices and alcohol are not good options.

10. You move too little

Nutrition is of course only one side of your diet. An important part, of course, but also the rest of your lifestyle can have a lot of influence. Don’t you understand why losing weight is no longer possible? Then it may be worthwhile to take a good look at it too!

An important factor is of course movement. Sport is good, but not necessary. Your daily exercise has just as much influence on your metabolism as your sports behavior. So do not go to work in the elevator, and do not take the car everywhere!

Even if you are busy for a large part of the day, it is perfectly possible to live more actively. For example, walk while telephoning, and take a stable desk. Take a quick walk around the neighborhood during the lunch break. Even tapping your foot while sitting is already effective to keep your body in ‘active position’!

11. You are stressed

Did you know that stress can hinder weight loss enormously? Not only does it ensure that you end up in binge eating faster, it also changes your hormone balance. Because of stress you are going to produce the hormone cortisol . Very handy in the short term, very unhealthy in the long term. Among other things, it ensures that you store more fat, especially around the waist.

For many people that is already a problem zone, so you are not waiting for this! Try to relax more by going for a walk , reading a book or taking a bath. This not only makes you slimmer, but also a lot happier .

12. You sleep too little

The best way to keep the stress down is by getting enough sleep . Your night’s rest is essential for your health. And chronic fatigue is an excellent way to completely block your weight loss.

Not only will you make more unwise choices when you are tired, this also has major consequences for your hormones . In this way you produce less growth hormone after a bad night , the substance that partially regulates your muscle growth. You also produce more leptin – the satiety hormone – and more ghrelin, which increases your appetite. That quickly causes all kinds of binge eating!

13. You build muscle in the meantime

Are you doing everything right, but simply don’t lose weight? Then there is a good chance that you will definitely make progress in other areas! For example, muscles are heavier than fat. If you lose weight, but in the meantime gain more muscle, you can keep your weight and still get slimmer!

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In addition to the scale, it is therefore wise to use another measurement method. Take photos, for example, or measure your own circumference in some strategic places. And do you notice that your clothes suddenly look more spacious? Then you are indeed doing well!

14. You weigh yourself wrong

Using the scales is another art. Many people weigh themselves at irregular moments, with and without clothing, before or after meals, and so on. That can cause huge fluctuations in the result, which seriously obscure the picture of your progress.

It is better to always weigh yourself immediately after getting up, without clothing and after you have been to the toilet. This is not necessary every day: if you do it weekly, you will get a much more even picture of the change. Then give yourself a few weeks to draw conclusions about your progress!

15. You have a condition

This is rare, and is therefore the last option here. Yet it can happen of course. Are you really doing everything right and still not losing weight? Then there is a chance that your overweight is caused by a physical condition. A thyroid gland that works too slowly can, for example, play a role here.

If you suspect that something like this is going on, it is best to talk to your doctor. He or she knows what the options are here and can possibly make a diagnosis.

Fat Burning Furnace Rapid Fast Loss Tips And Tricks

New Food Macro-Patterning™ Meal Plans And Interval Sequencing™ Techniques Reveal Exactly How You Can “OUTSMART” Your Metabolism And Conquer ANY Weight Loss Plateau – ALL While Using Carbs As Your GREATEST Fat Burning Weapon…

Dear friend,

Today I’d like to share the undisputed truth I’ve discovered about traditional exercise and weight loss.

Ready? Here it is.

Long Boring Exercise Sessions and Fad Diets Suck.

There, I said it so you don’t have to.

And if you’ve EVER dieted or followed a low carb plan to lose weight there’s no doubt you’ve experienced the pain and suffering associated with trying to live this way.

You’ve also probably quickly realized, like I did, it’s simply not possible to sustain – for ANY significant length of time.

And whether I’m working with private clients or helping people around the world on my blog, the harsh reality is most people (me included) just don’t want to endure the suffering that’s caused by going on low carb – low calorie diets or even healthy, balanced diets.

It’s very rare I meet someone who wants to constantly obsess over food and always be cranky and in a bad mood because they’re dieting.

It gets old…FAST.

If you really want to burn an insane amount of fat WITHOUT obsessing over food all the time, or constantly being cranky and irritable because you feel restricted, OR worrying about eating too many calories and carbs every stinkin’ day – then you need the right strategy.

After all, who WANTS to deal with the pain and suffering of dieting down all the time?

It’s like taking a power drill to your head day after day after day.
Ok…maybe it’s not THAT bad. But close!

Weight Loss Fact:

Dieting Down = Pain

If you’re anything like me, this is what causes you to automatically associate misery and undesirable sacrifices with losing weight and burning fat.

We can daydream about our leanest body all day long, but the bottom line is:

Extreme dieting takes all the fun out of it.

And even if you’re one of the millions of people that has radically damaged and altered your metabolism from years of inconsistency, eating unhealthy or yo-yo dieting…

It’s Really NOT Your Fault.

You see, although there are thousands of weight loss plans that work, they’re specifically designed to be temporary. A short cut. A quick fix. That’s why over 95% of people who “diet” gain all (or more) of the weight back within about one year of losing it.

After all – what’s the first 3 letters of the word DIET?

So if you really want to burn off belly fat like nobody’s business and live life with a lean, sculpted, healthy body – there’s usually gonna be a big price to pay. I know. I’ve paid this price many times over again and it’s NO fun.

Dieting down or low carbing to lose weight means giving up a lot of enjoyment in your life, which means there’s gonna be painful consequences…

For example, who really wants to deal with:

Living in a huge calorie deficit and feeling hungry all the time.
Feeling run down and carb depleted with no energy.
Depriving yourself of your favorite carbs and all the foods you love to eat.
Missing out at social events and other fun stuff that we humans like to do.
Feeling restricted and inconvenienced all the time.
A sluggish and slowing metabolism.
Loss of strength and precious calorie burning lean muscle tissue.
Always obsessing over food and worrying about what you’re putting in your body.
And then there’s always the fear of gaining the weight back (the dreaded rebound weight gain syndrome) AFTER you’ve made all these sacrifices.

But it’s worth it – right? NOT.

That’s because we automatically associate the word “dieting” with pain and we instantly link cheat foods with pleasure.

Tony Robbins (world famous self help guru) calls this phenomenon neuro-association and it can make or break your weight loss dreams and goals.

It’s just human nature and how our brains are wired.

When we diet, we’re either constantly irritated or angry because we feel so restricted, OR we “snap” and binge ourselves into oblivion and end up sabotaging our efforts.

Sound familiar?

But – what if there was a way to make fat loss easier to stick with and enjoy? What if you could strategically eat carbs and cheat foods as your best fat burning friend and rid diets from your life – forever?

Well believe it or not, you, me, everyone has astounding fat burning potential just waiting to be tapped.

It’s NOT About Genetic Superiority
or Luck of the Draw

It’s about the strategy.

And when you uncover how to carb cycle the simple way, you’ll never have to worry about the dreaded rebound weight gain – ever again.

Simply put, it’s an enjoyable solution to getting your best body while fixing your broken metabolism.

And on this very page right now – I’m going to reveal 3 Metabolic Triggers you can instantly control to start using carbs and even cheat foods as your greatest fat burning weapon, while cutting your exercise time in half.

Best of all, this unique approach is based on the real science of how your body digests, stores, and uses the food you consume.

The Secret To FIXING Slow Fat Loss:

It all started back in 2008. I had just finished dieting down and low-carbing myself to death – like I always HAD to do, so I could get lean enough to get some new fitness modeling photos taken. It had been 10 years since I placed 1st Runner-Up in the world’s largest body transformation contest: Body for LIFE™.

I set out to prove to a lot of naysayers wrong.

I wanted to show everybody that it was possible to stay under 10% body fat year round while only exercising 4 -5 hours a week – and I’m proud to say I achieved my goal…